Dutch Fun Fact #3

The Dutch Beer Bike!

Holland is well known for its tulips, windmills and cheese. And let’s not forget about our bikes! Every Dutch family member has its own bike and we have the most bike trails in the world.

Being almost the largest beer producing country, the Dutch invented an awesome transportation vehicle…The BEER BIKE! Everybody has its own seat and peddles, and in the middle there is a big beer pump/bar. The Beer bike is made for 10 up to 20 persons, and is a great way to explore the city and have a beer at the same time! Tourists and big bachelor parties are using the bike constantly. In the heart of Amsterdam during spring and summer the beer bikes cause big traffic jams, because they are wide and slow and the people on it are drunk and don’t care.

Already large groups of Amsterdam transporters and local inhabitants signed big petitions to ban the Beer Bike, but the government of Amsterdam apparently loves the beer bike and continued the licences.

That’s so great about Amsterdam, beer and fun is more important than people being on time for their business meeting.