There is one special day ever year where all the Dutch go wild. That day is Kingsday! In the past it was called Queensday but since 2014 it is called KINGSDAY because we have a King now. Normally Queens day was always on 30th of April,  but here is a warning for all the tourist who use an old Lonely planet guide book, KINGSDAY 2016 is celebrated on the 27th of APRIL not on 30 April!!! Our Dutch newspaper journalist always shoot pictures of tourist who arrive completely dressed in orange 3 days later. It’s funny and sad at the same time.

Kingsday is the day that we celebrate our Kings birthday and we are all dressed in Orange, the royal colour. People are partying on the streets and children are selling their old toys, making music, having fun. Especially in Amsterdam the Kingsday party is in every street. The whole city is one big event! People from all over the country take the train to Amsterdam. For one day Amsterdam central station looks like Tokyo central during Rush hour. But then everybody is wearing orange hats, T-shirts and pants. Almost 1 million people visit Amsterdam during Kingsday.

If you are planning to visit Holland / Amsterdam during KIngsday please make sure that you book your Hotel on time, buy orange clothing, make sure you have enough cash because the ATM machines are empty during that day. And mind the pickpockets of course, this is also the day of thieves and muggers.

If you don’t like the crowded, noisy, drunk Amsterdam style, then it’s better to visit a smaller Dutch village. Every village has its own events and really nice markets during Kingsday. It’s not so crowded, and when you travel with your kids it’s better to celebrate Kingsday for instance in the area of Zaandam / Zaanse Schans. It’s just outside Amsterdam, a great 17th century open air museum with beautiful windmills and houses. And the decorations hanging on all the houses and windmills will be orange that day, in combination with our Dutch Flags. Kids love it and there will be no lines of people waiting for a cold drink.

So start painting your Hair orange, Buy a funky Holland Orange T-shirt and we will see you on the 27th of April!!