For Dutch people sunny weather is a magical moment. 80% of the year its raining and very windy. But when the temperature is above 20 degrees celcius, the Dutch go allllll out!! Supermarkets are plundered from their BBQ snacks and ice cream. The charcoal bags run out in two hours time, the gardencentres are crowded with people buying stuff to make their garden look like the one of Louis the XIV. 

But the most funny thing is going to the beach. Dutch people all start their engines at the same time, to make the big depart to the beach. Around 11.30 the roads are jammmmpacked with families who bring coolers filled with soda and snacks, big parasols, windscreens, chairs, inflatable swimming gear. It looks like a huge evacuation because some kind of hurricane Katrina is coming. After a few hours standing in traffic and finding a parking spot (if you are lucky). The beach is finally there!!

We always make jokes about the Germans, because when Germans arrive at the beach, they start digging huge holes in the sand, like some kind of foxhole. The Dutch aproach the beach different. We are the people of the wind, our entire whealth was build by wind, but when we stay at the beach we hate the wind. The Dutch are really fond of building big windscreen camps. Its has several reasons for it. 1. No wind that blows sand all over you and your food! 2. Dutch love their private space. We are used living with millions of people on some square meters, so making a statement with your windscreen....like hey! this is my land! Around 17.00 we all start our engines at the same time, to make the journey home. Because we always eat at 18.00.